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Wines that create value

“We create a fairer and more sustainable value chain, with a strong commitment to People and Planet”

The name Cielo e Terra (literally Sky and Land, or Heaven and Earth) recreates a perfect marriage, where Heaven is represented by the family of the same name and the Land is identified with the expert hands of our winegrower partners working in the vineyards that yield our wines.




we recognize the value of transparency, drawing up reports that allow for the monitoring of non-financial indicators, ensuring access by all stakeholders

evolution of our business

we undertake to implement a progressive evolution of our business and operational model towards an economy with zero greenhouse gas emissions

professional development

we undertake to guarantee fair remuneration and, via training, to promote professional development in a working environment that protects the physical and psychological well-being of workers

culture of wine

we are committed to spreading the culture of wine and the history of the winegrowing area combined with the added value of business innovation

quality products

we are engaged in the production and distribution of quality products stemming from efficient processes, with the aim of optimizing the use of resources and minimizing negative external impacts


we are committed to producing quality wines, thereby enhancing the winegrowing district with the aim of achieving the improved sustainability of the value chain

Via the integration of our wine supply chain with the Cantine dei Colli Berici, we promote the fair distribution of profit and contribute to protecting the wine growing district.

We believe that financial sustainability is vital for generating the resources required for our environmental and social projects.


lean Organization

We were the first Italian winery to introduce the Lean Organization model into the company: the method of thinking and organizing streamlined production activities, increasing potential, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, and according value to people, the true and only competitive factor in a production entity.



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