In 1908 Giovanni Cielo purchased the first land parcel in front of the famous Castelli di Romeo e Giulietta (Castles of Romeo and Juliet), where the Count of Porto wrote the first novel dedicated to the star-crossed lovers in 1533. We acquired Villa da Porto ‘La Favorita’ in the same area, in 2021, embarking on a new venture to enhance the territory and the fine wine tradition that characterizes it.

Our Heritage

The splendid Palladian-style historic residence is due to become the company’s headquarters and a showroom to welcome our customers and friends during events, tastings and guided tours. We will thereby strengthen our indissoluble bond with the territory and its historical, artistic and human heritage, celebrating our land, expression of success achieved through the hard work in the vineyards.

The Villa

Villa da Porto ‘La Favorita’, built under the supervision of the architect Francesco Muttoni between 1714 and 1715, is part of the famous Palladian-style Villas.
The architect Andrea Palladio left an indelible mark on the region and was an inspiration worldwide, for the purity of his lines and the iconic white columns.

Our hometown Vicenza has been nicknamed the City of Palladio, because of its 23 palazzi and 24 villas, and it was awarded in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Although neo-classical in style, the Palladian villas are an innovation, because they combine a central noble residence with porticoed side buildings called barchesse, the hubs of rural activities. The Venetian nobles withdrew to the countryside to celebrate the glories of the past, but often to forget, by drinking and merrymaking.