Visiting Kenia with Amref

Famiglia Cielo has supported Amref Health Africa water projects. Cielo e Terra Vice-president Pierpaolo Cielo and Export Manager Alessio Pavan visited Kenya while Amref staff was shooting a movie about women’s role in the water supply. 


Bringing Clean water with Amref

We are aware that wine has a very high water footprint, in fact, one liter of wine could require up to 960 liters of water (source: That’s why we have decided to give back water where most needed. We have built 35 water wells up to now and this year we are cooperating with Amref Health Africa to donate more clean water where it is more scarce.

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a network of business, individuals and non-profit working together for a healthier planet. Watch how it works and how we donate funds to build water wells in Africa.


Water wells building

We built water wells to balance the high usage of water in the winemaking process. 


Set another place at the table

AGGIUNGI UN POSTO A TAVOLA (set another place at the table) – we support children in Colombia to guarantee a table to eat, play, and study; to fight juvenile delinquency and exploitation with