Cielo e Terra acquisice la certificazione B-Corp

Cielo e Terra has recently been certified B-Corp.
What does it mean?
B-Corp stays for Benefit Corporation and it is a certification aiming to grant specific ethical standards to be achieved in a company. 

But, you know, “ethical” doesn’t mean just the environment. This certification promotes 360° ethical behaviors, taking into account also other issues, like poverty, people’s dignity, economy, communities, transparency, and so on. 

B-Corp certified companies meet the highest ethical standards and form a network. Its goal is to… change the world, by redefining the concept of business success and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Today’s problems can’t be faced only by governments and non-profits organizations, business intervention is also needed.

B-Corps use profit and growth as a means to a higher goal: a positive impact on the environment, communities, and people. 

Achieving the certification wasn’t easy for Cielo e Terra. It has been a long way, since 2016, when the Kaizen method and Lean Production were introduced and quality certification achieved (ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14000, and worker’s safety ISO 45000). 

B THE CHANGE is the motto which best expresses this business philosophy, able to imagine a better future, for all. 

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