The Classics
We enjoy employing our passion and innovation to create signature versions of traditional Italian wines, looking for the right balance between personality and easy-drinking. Each wine stems from the combination of quality, continuity and an appropriately worthy style of packaging.


Vicenza Territory Excellence

This exclusive project was created to celebrate 20 years of collaboration with the winemakers of the hills of Vicenza, the city of Palladio and a UNESCO ‘World Heritage Site’. 
These unique, elegant wines with their exclusive packaging stem from a careful selection of the best grapes produced by our partners. Their uniqueness is profoundly rooted in the renowned white stone of Vicenza’s hills. 


The Italian Good living

These elegant, refined and timeless sparkling wines spring from an enduring bond with the wine growing district, their identity underpinned by the concept of Style, Quality, Design and living the Good Life.
These sparkling wines take the lead in a lifestyle studded with events, glamorous celebrations and partnerships with top brands in the world of luxury products and exclusive experiences.

CIELO 1908

Passion by Tradition

Reflecting the original grape selections of the Cielo family since 1908, this range springs from the area of the Castelli di Giulietta e Romeo and is a partner of winetowater.org.
Easy-drinking in style and representing an excellent quality/price ratio in the still, sparkling and semi-sparkling categories, these wines yield an all-round Italian wine experience.


4 Generations

The wines of Casa Defrà embody a district that is historically well-suited to viticulture, in particular the pre-hilly area where the soil is rich in clays, volcanic substances and limestone from fossil deposits that derive from an ancient sea. The vine was already present in Roman times, increasing in the Middle Ages at the end of the barbarian invasions also thanks to the guidance of the Church, which encouraged labourers to work attentively in the countryside. With the dawn of the Republic of Venice, the area became home to elegant Palladian-style villas and the ideal habitat for vine rows that follow the gentle slopes, breathing life into a landscape of extraordinary beauty.
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Friulian Family Estate

The Pradio estate was established on the Friulian plains, striving to express in the glass the balance and elegance of the fascinating, neighbouring star-shaped town of Palmanova.
The influence of the sea and the protection afforded by the Alps provide the optimal microclimate for Friuli’s renowned vines as well as its surprising red wines.
The collaboration with the winemaker Gianni Menotti, named ‘Best Oenologist 2012’ by Bibenda, has enabled us to pursue continuous improvement in quality and to find the right expression of our terroir.


Apulian Master of Wine

Following Venetian tradition to import opulent southern Italian wines to enrich our Northern style blends, this master winemaker’s expertise was applied to an amazing territory, Apulia, the so-called Italian “heel”.

The Extraordinary
Selections of Italian grapes stemming from decades of winemaking experience with the aim of innovating local traditions and protecting diversity in the Italian wine sector.